Computer Aided Design

Our design team will work with you to integrate our shapes into your blueprints. We can also assist you with the design of custom shapes. LA Foam Products uses state of the art technology (CAD, Plotting, Design Management) and has skilled “set up” staff on duty full time to quickly integrate with your plans.


Creative Design

Our equipment and staff are the best in the industry. We can make almost any design a reality. We also offer on-site consulting, online shape exchange and in-shop design review sessions for contractors, plasterers, home-owners and decorators alike.


Specialty Finishing

If you have a project and you’re not sure how to coat or finish it, we can help! Pre-coated, paint-ready or final finishes from concrete to wood simulation. Our staff will work with you to come up with the right finish for your project.



As well as being a leading manufacturer of architectural foam, we also have an artistic side. At LA Foam Products, we can produce even the most intricate sculptures and designs that come to mind. No job is too big or too small for us to be a part of. We have that capability to work with most design software’s currently available. Please check-out some of our projects at to see what we are talking about.



Although, we can manufacture many things with foam, we don’t stop there. We have Precast experts whom have been in the Architectural Precast business for over 20 years. We have the knowledge when it comes to GFRC Precast and the know-how when it comes to interior Gypsum. We have the experience to take on any size Precast project. From Balustrade Railings to Chimneys to Columns to full size sculptures… We can do it all. Please e-mail or call us with any questions.



We are also a distributor of Cantera Stone. Cantera is a beautiful quartz based volcanic stone which is found in some regions of Mexico. This exotic stone comes in different variations of colors and is hand carved to the desired shape or design. It is true artwork.



LA Foam Products can deliver your order on-site within 24 hours after shape cutting is complete. Save time and hassle – let us bring the final product directly to your site. We also ship Nationwide. Call for a quote.